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If you’ve come to this website, you are probably interested in owning your own restaurant. This website is for people just like you.

I’m standing in a standard kitchen, maybe a lot like yours. This is where a lot of restaurant dreams begin. People enjoy cooking, or they’ve got some great recipes from their family that may have been handed down from a grandparent. Their friends and co-workers encourage them, “Hey, this food is great, you should open a restaurant, you’d be wonderful at it”. That’s how a lot of wonderful dreams and restaurants get going.

We here at, Mark Sewell and partner Jason Surdy, are restaurant owners in the Austin area. In the process of putting our restaurants together, we decided we could help other people open their own restaurants. We each have about 27 years of restaurant experience. After running restaurants for other people – as managers, regional managers and directors – we decided it was time to do it for ourselves.

We came to Austin, opened our first restaurant and after some success decided to open another restaurant. The process is easier than we expected in some cases and harder than we expected in others – even with all of our years of experience. So after doing it, we decided to put it on paper and offer it to people to help them out.

This website is not a franchise. We are not selling our particular brand of restaurant. What we are doing is offering all of our years of experience and sharing it with you so that if you dream of owning a restaurant, this website will help you to achieve that goal.

Many people want to own a restaurant. I was at a wedding last weekend when a computer programmer told me “Ah, I would LOVE to own a restaurant when I get done doing what I’m doing now”. We hear that from a lot of people. We put this website together to help YOU, the person who dreams of owning a restaurant.

Our website has 3 main components, the first is our free e-book. You can put your name and email address into the form below and we will email it to you. Its called “12 Considerations Before Opening a Restaurant”, things to think about so you understand what you are getting into. It’s free. There are no obligations.

Restaurants years ago was fairly easy business to get into. These days its a lot tougher. (1) Its harder to get one open and (2) its harder to keep it open. So its important to know what you are getting into. Our e-book is about 27 pages long. It will outline some of the things you need to think about and consider before you get into the process of opening a restaurant.

After you’ve read the free e-book, if you are still ready to to this, then you can come back to our website and there are two other items that are going to help you.

Our next item is our Workbook. You can purchase the Workbook, over 25 related videos, and about a dozen forms that are going to help you get your restaurant from concept to actually opening the doors. We take you through all the things you need to do. We have checklists and outlines packed full of important steps you don’t want to forget or skip over. We try to make the process as easy for you as we can.

You still pick the name of the restaurant, the food, the menu, the decor – all of it. What we try to do is make this as easy as possible and as successful as possible. We will show you how to figure out food cost. We will show you how to figure out the opening costs. We will show you how to plan out marketing. We will show you how to pick the best names and get your company up and running. Our goal is to help you streamline your efforts and put a good plan together.

Now a restaurant is a tough business, as I said. There’s a lot of competition. If you just go out and open up a restaurant thinking you will open the doors and people will flood in and you are going to be successful, then you are going to be one of the many people who close in the first year. The reality is that, depending on you you speak to, about 70% of restaurants close in the first year, and in the third year it’s up to about 90%.

A good plan, a good solid plan that says “This is how I’m going to do it, this is how its going to get done”, is going to help you NOT be one of those 90%. And with the money and the time that you are going to put into running a restaurant, you want a good plan. So the Workbook, the videos, the forms, they help you go through the entire process.

The third part of the website is our Resource page. We have put together a full list of companies that can help you get off the ground. From setting up your domain name to getting a website to finding a reliable credit card merchant. The entire process has been laid out so that you don’t have to do all the leg work. You don’t have to do all the computer searches late at night.

We say, “Here are companies that we’ve used, here are companies that we like using. They have good prices, they have good shipping, they have good return policies, they have good customer service. This is why they are the companies we like to use.

So rather than you having to go and figure it out for yourself, you can go to our Resources page and click on all these different businesses and put them to work for you, making the process much smoother. You can find restaurant equipment, you can find office supplies, just about everything you would need to get your restaurant up and off the ground, right there on the Resources page.

So these are the three things we offer on the website, in addition to the fact that we are real restauranteurs. We are in the business day in and day out; we love the business! We’ve been in restaurants for a combined 55 years between the two of us. We have taken a lot of time and effort to get this valuable information prepared to help you.

The first thing you need to do is get the free e-book. Its 37 pages. Read through it and if you are still interested in opening a restaurant than Your Restaurant Start Up is the place to be. If you look around the web and look at all the other resources out there, none of them that we have been able to find are as comprehensive as ours, and they don’t offer the same information that you can get from us.

So start with the free e-book, come back to the website and take a look at the Workbook, take a look at the Resources page. If you really are interested in opening a restaurant, we think this is exactly what you are going to be looking for, and it would be foolish not to get involved with

Thank you so much. We hope you have enjoyed the information we have laid out here, and hopefully we will see you back at the website soon.